Meet The Staff - Jodie, Orange
How long have you worked with The Lab for and what do you love most about working here?
I’ve been here for 2 years, I started as a casual when we opened in Orange and have been manager for just over 12 months. I love so much about working here, but mainly the company culture is just fantastic. And I like being able to help someone take home an outfit that makes them feel good!
What is your favourite pieces from the Spring Summer collection that’s landed in your store?
It would have to be the Orange Ruffle Sleeve Dress from A Little Birdie Told Me. So cute, cool and comfortable and the colour is so fun!
2020 was most defiantly a bizarre year, how did you get through ISO when you weren’t at work?
Baked!!! I can now make a pretty mean batch of melting moments, my Gran would be proud!
What’s your favourite place to eat around your town and why?
My Mum’s!! J nothing like some home cooking! But to eat out, I can’t go past Sweet Sour Salt, a modern Asian fusion restaurant. Amazing food and a good choice of local wines and fantastic service.
What three words would your friends use to describe you?
I actually asked some friends this one, and they said Loyal, Thoughtful and Unique J
What’s something you saw recently that made you smile?
My cat Biddy Kitty thinking she owns the place (who am I kidding she does!) And my doggos, Lucky and Stormy. How can you not smile, look at those faces!!
December 02, 2020 — Marnie Harris